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Digressions: My Life in 500 Words or Less

November 14, 2019

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Digressions: My Life in 500 Words or Less

June 28, 2019


            On Tuesday night I uncharacteristically took to the karaoke mic in our home. Karaoke night at our house is generally Saturday night.

            But Tuesday night was a special occasion, as evidenced by my song selection: “We Are the Champions”  and “The Winner Takes It All.”

            So what had me singing songs by Queen and ABBA?

            It was a celebratory karaoke session for Rebecca and me. We were part of a team that won a trivia night championship several minutes earlier at Flywheel Brewing.

            To earn that title our team, E=MC Hammer, had to win what I can only describe as semi-championships four Tuesdays in a row. Each of those times we won a wrestling belt to brandish as proof of our accomplishment. You know the type: large, garish, with shiny parts. The embodiment of bragging rights. And the belt came with prizes, gift cards

            Rebecca and I had joined the team consisting of our friends Ashley, Stephanie, Sean and Kelly after it already had been established. A few weeks later E=MC Hammer won our first semi-championship.

            Yes! We know our useless facts!

            Week after week we had to defend that title, pooling our store of useless knowledge from various areas to answer questions about vintage television, wrestler theme songs, game shows, women’s soccer and ‘50s music, among other things. In some categories we fared much better than others. Like much, much, much better

            But we succeeded week after week in defending our title. I credit that to our pool of useless knowledge being a very broad pool. It was truly a team effort where we all made contributions.

            Curators of useless facts united!

            That’s not to say strategy didn’t have anything to do with it, though. Each week, the final question allowed teams to bet any amount or none of their accumulated points based on their confidence in their answer. We also had to take into consideration what we thought our competitor might bet and whether or not we thought they would answer correctly.

            Strategizing curators of useless facts united!

            In the end, we probably have to give some credit to luck. After all, there was no way we could actually know how other teams would bet or whether or not they knew the answers.

            And our bets were based on guesses. Or sometimes spontaneous decisions.

            Lucky strategizing curators of useless facts united!

            So that led to Tuesday’s victory. And that victory led to the karaoke session.

            Sometimes you gotta sing when you’re a champion lucky strategizing curator of useless facts.

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