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Digressions: My Life in 500 Words or Less

November 14, 2019

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Digressions: My Life in 500 Words or Less

December 11, 2018




            It’s beginning to look a lot like …


            Is there a shrimp on the barbie in my future?

            No. But that isn’t far off.

            You see, each year for the past several years Becca and I have explored different nationalities by selecting a different country whose food we have featured for our Christmas dinners. This year we chose Australian.

            I’ve written about our special Christmas dinner in past blogs or columns, but in a nutshell, we decided to veer from the traditional turkey dinners many years ago. That’s because Thanksgiving — and me — were more than enough turkey for Becca, and ham was getting old, too, since we also had ham for Easter. We decided a roving global dinner each year would be a good thing.

            Crikey! That was one of the best decisions we made.

            In the past we’ve had Chinese, Russian, French, Indonesian and Puerto Rican Christmas dinners. Becca, being the cook she is, enjoys trying the new recipes, which we seek out together. We try to find recipes that appear to be as authentic as possible.

            Our special Christmas dinner this year won’t include a shrimp on the barbie, since neither of us would enjoy that. Instead, Becca found recipes for sausage rolls, meat pies and fish and chips, among other things. We’re still in the process of deciding our menu, but …

            Crikey! So many choices.

            My last blog described special things being made even more special, and I believe that is an amazing gift we give to loved ones, sometimes unintentionally and sometimes with forethought. For us, that arrives in the form of related gifts from family members Mike, Lisa and Michael. For the past couple of years they have sent ornaments related to the nationality we choose for our Christmas dinner. This year we got an Australian Santa ornament, complete with koala bear.

            But we also got another gift: Vegemite.

            You know, like in the Men at Work song “Down Under” from the ‘80’s that mentions a Vegemite sandwich. The thing is, I’ve always heard that was extremely unpleasant stuff. And I heard that over and over again from numerous brave souls.

            Crikey! Will I actually try it?

            I’ve been looking up online the best ways to try Vegemite, so I’m thinking I’m just going to have to now, just to say I tried it. But I’m not totally certain.

            What I am certain about is the fact that I’m happy to celebrate the holiday with a global mindset, regardless of how limited it is. Who knows? I might like Vegemite.

            On the other hand, I might find out why men chunder in the land Down Under.


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