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Digressions: My Life in 500 Words or Less

November 14, 2019

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Digressions: My Life in 500 Words or Less

October 22, 2018




Sometimes it seems as if the universe is letting you know you are where you’re supposed to be.

            On Saturday I returned from a trip that seemed to support this notion.

            It all began on Friday more than a week ago, when Rebecca and I took to the road to attend a wedding to be held the next day in Asheville, N.C. We, and another couple of friends, were sharing an Airbnb and were to meet there Friday afternoon, attending an informal dinner later that evening.

            En route to Asheville on a mostly clear October day we looked up at the blue sky to see what appeared to the letter A, likely formed out of the contrails of passing jet planes. What made the sight so amazing is the last name the wedded couple would share: Arnold.

            And the A in the sky was unmistakable. So much so, Rebecca took photos with our cameras and texted them in a thread for wedding party members and guests.

            The sky writing was taken as a good omen.

            As we neared Asheville, Rebecca began perusing a tour book for North Carolina to find places of interest we might visit if time permitted. Rebecca could hardly contain her excitement as she announced Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. had a facility near Asheville, in Mills River. The facility offered self-guided tours as well as samples of their beer.

            This was awesome. My favorite beer is Sierra Nevada Porter.

            I had to make my pilgrimage.

            We did so after leaving Asheville on Sunday. Though I was disappointed they did not have their signature porter available at that time, I sampled another porter brewed by Sierra Nevada employees as we toured the facility.

            I was a happy camper.

            After the wedding weekend, we stayed with Lisa, Mike and Michael, my sister, brother-in-law and nephew, in Ware Shoals, S.C., for a week. The entire visit was amazing.

            One of those aforementioned surprises occurred during this visit, and it was particularly special.

            Mike, whose mother, Joyce, passed away earlier this year, presented to Rebecca and me a quilt he had discovered at the family home. He hadn’t known it existed but said he knew he had to give it to us when he found it. It was a patchwork quilt that included a small section with patches displaying the Dunkin’ Donuts name.

            It is no secret I love donuts. For years, when I visited Mike, Lisa and Michael, visits to Dunkin’ Donuts were part of the trip, since they lived close to one of the bakeries at the time.

            Joyce was a beautiful soul I had the privilege of getting to know. We also shared a birthday. We were both born on June 3.

            The gift was indescribably touching.

            Sometimes the universe seems to let you know you’re where you’re supposed to be. And sometimes you are immeasurably honored to be there.


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